Psychological Services

Harmonizing Minds was founded in 2017 with the hopes of breaking the stigma associated with mental health. Since the founding of the organization, Harmonizing Minds has provided trauma focused workshops within community schools, to address mental health and education. The organization continues to bridge the gap between health and community by identifying the socioeconomic needs and organizing events & workshops targeting community concerns. We aims to provide a continuation of care utilizing evidenced based interventions, community-school links, and age appropriate trauma groups.

Grief Processing Group

Grief can be hard to handle at any age. These groups are geared towards age appropriate topics and coping skills when dealing with grief.

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Coping Skills Group

Music, Arts, Crafts, OH MY! This group equips children with daily coping skills and ways to manage stress and anxiety.

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Teen Groups

Come join us in our teen groups, where we discuss age appropriate topics to encourage healthy age development.

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